Incredible Magic At The Bar - Volume 4

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Vrei sa inveti trucuri incredibile de magie. Michael Maxwell iti prezinta volumul 4 a celebrului set de DVD-uri pe care l-a creat - Magie Incredibila la Bar

Contains 23 de efecte incredibile de magie pe care le vei putea face si tu:1. An Olive in the Hand2. Olive & Shaker Routine3. Party on the P-A-T-E-O (Maxwell)4. Towel Chicken5. Card in Shoe6. Simple Coins Across (Maxwell)7. Toony Angel (Maxwell)8. Pencil through Quarter9. Bill in Lemon10. Card in Ice Cube11. Nickel on Forehead12. Levitating Salt Shaker13. Floating Cup14. Ring in Dinner Roll/One-Handed Knot15. Stolen Cards (Green)16. Laser D'Lite17. Gift of Grab (Maxwell)18. Whisky/Shoe Production (Green)19. Producing Items from a Deck (Green)20. Cigarette Through Quarter (Dingle)21. Paper Strip (Marotta)22. The 14 of Spades Trick23. 3 1/2 of Clubs/ 14 of Spades/ Blank CardDurata DVD aproximativa 1 ora si 58 de minute

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